by Janae Jones

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For me, music has always been about the message. The expression. You are an artist, yes, but what are you trying to say? I’m not saying that the sound of the music isn’t important but I always connected with the words first. The feelings that came after were usually because of an epic and beautiful combination of music and lyrics that were all tied together by a voice.

This EP is a two-tracked cover/remix type of thing. My sparse production and vocals. The two original songs are ones that I discovered in 2001 that reshaped my world. Not in that moment exactly, but later in life when I was going through old music and re-listening the songs that I loved so much.

The first song on the EP is “August”, which is originally performed by Rilo Kiley. This song means so much to me, specifically because of the lyrics. Shit, this band means so much to me. So much of my “coming of age” was Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis singing the soundtrack of my teenage years.

The second song is “Steadier Footing”, which is originally performed by Death Cab for Cutie. I always loved the words of this song, but it didn’t really have much meaning for me until I was older. Like graduating from college, older.

The artwork for this EP was created by my multi-talented friend Chase Dooley. He is an amazing dancer and visual artist AND a comedian. I actually approached him to make it for me last summer - I had every intention of making a rap album titled “Chill Haus Wavy Crockett” and I asked him to draw up something for me. This EP is far from a rap album, but the art work is still suiting. If I had to describe the type of music I'm trying to make, I would say “chill haus wavy crockett”. To me that means chill in that deep house sort of way and wavy in the drum section. The crockett comes from the inspiration of folk music that occurred when I moved away from the city. Tie that all together and you get me.

You could say I'm trying to say something, but I'm still working on finding my voice. For now, here is a brief history lesson in what inspired me to say something in the first place.

More to come!


released August 25, 2014

Production and Vocals by Janae Jones.
August originally performed by Rilo Kiley.
Steadier Footing originally performed by Death Cab for Cutie.
Mixed/Mastered by Jay Battle at The Battlefield.

Cover Art by Chase Dooley.



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Janae Jones Brooklyn, New York

Photographer turned singer and music producer from Seattle, WA dwelling in Brooklyn, NY. Most known for her collaboration as an emcee and a vocalist with Seattle Hip-Hop/R&B/Punk band Mash Hall, Janae Jones is a fiery character with heavy R&B and indie influences. Her music as a solo artist is a combination of R&B and house music with elements of electronica. ... more

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